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Title I Programs

Title I

Title I is a federally-funded program that offers assistance to students in the area of Reading and/or Math.  Title I funding is based on the poverty level within the school. Our Title I programming utilizes highly qualified teachers and tutors provide extra help in the areas of reading and math for students who score below the proficient levels on State mandated Achievement Tests, classroom assessments, observational surveys,  and/or  teacher referral.
All Pymatuning Valley Local School buildings K-12 qualify for a Title I School-wide Program.  The Pymatuning Valley Local Schools serves students in all buildings K-8:  We do not have Title I services in the 9-12,  Pymatuning Valley Local Schools. This means that all students in these buildings of service are considered Title I students.  That does not mean that all students will receive extra help; however, it gives our staff more flexibility in helping all the students if and when a student may need help.  Our staff will still identify the students most in need of help, and they will be our priority, but any student may receive an extra boost, if needed.
How We Serve Students In Reading and Math
K-8th grade students served by Title I programming receive both small group instruction in Reading Math within the small group instructional rooms and instruction by teachers and Title I funded tutors in their classroom depending on the specific identified needs of the student. Each student’s learning is regularly assessed in math to better and more effectively guide our interventions with the student. The district utilizes scientifically researched based strategies and best practices to better ensure student success in learning.
How We Gather Input To Guide The Title One Program
The Title I program gathers input from teachers, students and parents through annual surveys. In addition, parents annually should receive a Title I compact and program introduction letter. The purpose of the school-parent compact is to build and foster the development of a school-parent partnership to help all children achieve the State’s high standards. Responsibility for improved student achievement will be shared by parents, students, and teachers.
Parents Right to Know
As a Title I school we are required to notify every parent that they may at any time request from the principal information regarding the professional qualifications of their student’s classroom teachers. We are required to and will provide you a notice in a timely manner if for some unforeseen reason your child ever is assigned to be taught by, for four or more consecutive weeks, a teacher who is not Highly Qualified under Federal guidelines.

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